Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality

A key element of what we do is continuous improvement of protection for our personnel. We seek to achieve the highest standard within quality and reducing our environmental impact.

Engagement, training and constantly striving to improve our performance form the basis of our HSSEQ activities. One of the means we use to achieve the best within all HSSEQ areas is the company’s Management System, designed to ensure continuous improvement within all parameters. All our personnel have access to the system, which defines ‘best practice’ for the entire organisation based on our collective experience.

Excellence requires teamwork, and all ALC personnel have to comply with relevant legislation, ensure a safe workplace and make every effort to protect their colleagues. This approach reflects our company spirit, values and culture. Measuring performance helps ensure progress.

We are committed to aim for the highest standards within HSSEQ to protect the environment, our company and our most important asset – our personnel.


A healthy workplace is key to our success. We encourage all our personnel to be active, have fun, create internal social relationships and strengthen our team spirit and culture through sport.


All ALC personnel have the right to a safe, risk-free workplace. We are committed to continuous improvement, provision of education and training for all, and to ensure a workplace free of accidents.

Our safety standards are always accessible at our offices and for all personnel via the company’s Management System.


The company’s policy regarding security for our servers and computers includes easily-accessible emergency plans if they should ever become necessary, and we are always aware of the movements of our personnel when on business trips.


ALC focuses on continuous reduction of environmental impact through defined improvement targets.

The measures we put in place include a proactive approach to reducing waste, energy-consumption and preventing emissions. We also encourage our customers and suppliers to prioritise eco-friendly transport.


Quality is a vital aspect of ALC’s daily efforts to find the best solutions for all our customers.

We have defined quality targets and organised activities for all ALC offices. To achieve the standards we aim for, we have a quality policy which sets out our objectives and the means of achieving them.


ISO 9001:2015